June 4, 2017


Satisfied Customers

“Titan installed my system in Nov 2014. All I can say is they are GREAT, honest, and very helpful throughout the entire process. The system runs perfect, the installers are very precise, and I would recommend them to anyone. One really great thing is that the listen and respond to their customers. Please consider these folks if you are looking to install a solar system. I purchased mine and do not know if they lease or not. Titan was very cost effective and after comparison bids, I found them to be a better price than most. Be very cautious of some of the solar companies trying to push their systems on you and not truly offering what you need or desire. I actually had one company trying to sell me solar and at the same time, told me my air conditioning was a terrible brand, I needed to change my pool pump, (which was 2 years old and dual speed), and I need to have all of my AC ducts sealed up. Of course he would do all of this for a hefty fee while also installing solar. The salesman then proceeded to tell me that he would take 500 dollars off the quote if I would give him my unused water softener system. When I told him I was not interested in his services, or giving him my water softener, and also his pricing was too high, he then called me a liar and said I had no clue what I was talking about since he does this for a living. All is well though, he is still an idiot and I had the pleasure of using Titan. Thanks to David and Terry of Titan for such a great job.”
– Andy D.
Litchfield Park, AZ

“Kyle, David, and the crew at Titan Solar are friendly, courteous, and VERY knowledgeable. Throughout the entire process they were there to discuss with me and explain my solar system design (including the research I did into specialized panels), installation, and activation. Thank you so very much my advisors and my friends for your patience, understanding, and professionalism. I am absolutely thrilled with my new”cadillac system” (34 LG 305W panels), it’s beautiful and works like a charm. I will definitely recommend your business to anyone I know who is interested in purchasing a solar system or in need of service, because quite frankly… you’re the best!”
– Ted L.
San Tan Valley, AZ

“I recently went through the process of selecting a solar system for my home. After plenty of research I selected Titan Solar Power due to their quality product offerings, and straight forward/no pressure staff (Kyle Beddome). The system was installed in less than a day, and now covers a significant portion of our monthly energy costs.”
– Matt F.
Scottsdale, AZ

“I contracted with Titan to buy and install a 5.76 kw system in Oct. my system was up and running within 3 weeks, Other business said it would take 2 to 3 months. Titan’s install crew were vary neat, clean and professional they answered all of my questions and made sure I understood how the system would work. I am now producing more power then I use per day which should cut my power bill to $0.00 I feel I made a good choice going with Titan.”
– Alan R
Maricopa, AZ

“I am very happy and extremely satisfied with the customer service and product installation that I purchased from Titan Solar. Kyle and Arturo were very helpful with any questions that I had. Even after the installation they were there to answer any additional questions that I had. All it took was a quick phone call. When I received my first billing after the installation, it was indicated that I saved half of the amount for this billing period. And this was in the heat of the summer. I highly recommend Titan Solar because of their honesty and excellent customer service.”
– Jeff S. 
Sun City, AZ

“We wanted to take a moment and thank you for the excellent job installing our residential 6 Kw solar system. The system is working just as advertised, we have not had a single system issue. Titan was very responsive to our questions and concerns. We needed our system installed on a specific date and Titanmade sure it was completed so it would not impact our plans. We are very happy with the components, Canadian solar panels and Enphase mircoinverrters. Enphase makes a great product, Envoy that gives real time performance of the system and also lets you drill down to individual panel performance. Titan did give us a heads up about how long the installation would take. Our utility company, City government and Home Owner Association accounted for the most to the installation time line. The actual installation only took two days! We would very much recommend Titan Solar.”
 – Don & Maria
Titan Solar Residential Installation
“These guys are great, very professional and just an all around great company. The whole process was great, easy and super fast. The process from start to finish was not a long wait, it was three weeks from the first talk with the sales guys David and Charles to finished install. The install itself was fast only took a few hours to do and those guys were an awesome trio. very organised, neat cleaned up every ounce of stuff when they left Terry there installer was a fantastic guy, he was very knowledgeable about everything he walked me the whole set up, how it works and the whole shebang. he explained it in a way that anybody could understand so that they understand. He is also very tidy with his work to make sure what he does looks aesthetically pleasing and is functional. This company in a whole is great there people are great and the products they use are not the cheap ones that others use. I recommend them to anybody because they are a very professional company THANK YOU!”
– Jim B.
Surprise, AZ
“They did a great job coming out to speak with me the DAY THAT I CALLED., amazing. Titan actually listened to my needs and situation. This resulted in a system designed to meet my power needs at a price that actually made economic sense for me!!!. I had spoken to a number of other solar vendors who were more interested in what they wanted to sell at pricing that seemed crazy. Over the 4 weeks or so it took to get all the required permits I developed a friendship with Jack, my sales engineer, Heather my project engineer, Davida principal,and a really super foreman. Its rare these days that vendors actually care enough about their customers for a kinship to develop…..again…..Amazing. Would I recommend them? Based on their performance getting through all the administration items very quickly and painlessly for me, the system performance they proposed and the price they offered you bet your bippy I would make them my #1 choice.”
– Stewart W
Maricopa, AZ
“We highly recommend Titan Solar for many reasons. Kyle and David have been great to work with. I had four solar system estimates for my home. Titan gave us the best price for a 6KW system, using Enphase microinverters instead of large DC to AC converters. The system is working just as advertised, we have not had a single system issue. Being able to monitor individual panel performance is a real plus! Titan was very responsive to our questions and concerns and kept us informed about what we needed to do with inspections and provided the necessary charts, permits, etc. to get the system installed. We are very happy with the Titan installed components, Canadian solar panels and Enphase microinverters. Envoy by Enphase gives real time performance of the system and also lets us drill down to individual panel performance. Installation only took a few days, our Utility company, City government and Home Owner Association accounted for the most to the installation time. In the future we may install additional solar panels and we would not hesitate to use Titan Solar again.”
– Fred & Jan
Titan 6KW Residential Installation
“We had a small, 14 panel solar system installed in 2010. We decided to expand our system to support most of our annual household demand. Titan Solar came up with a system to do the job, helped us get financing, and installed 24 additional panels to our system. They did a great job! Our system has been up and running for month and we are looking forward to many years of service. The guys at Titan were extremely knowledgeable, and although Titan a new company, they have many years in the solar industry. Their knowledge shows. If I had it to do over again, I wouldn’t hesitate to have Titan do the job.”
– Steve & Karen
“Titan Solar just finished installing my solar system and I am very pleased with the system. I have previous work experience in the installation of solar panels and know good workmanship when I see it. These guys went above and beyond for an excellent install. From the design to the finished product, it all was excellent. It is obvious that they take pride in their work by how the finished product looks. Terry and Rudy, the installers, were excellent in their product knowledge and their technical skills surpassed my expectations. Other companies I interviewed for my system showed me pictures of poor workmanship of other companies so you really have to be careful of who you hire. Rarely do I see the lowest installation cost and the best customer service, but that is what I got from Titan Solar. As I mentioned, I did a lot of research and looked for quality components and company ethics. These guys fit the bill for both. If someone is looking at getting a solar power system, look no further. These guys know their stuff I am so glad I went with them. I admit at the beginning I was hesitant but now that it is done, wow. These guys are amazing. This is definitely one of the best financial investments I have ever made. Thank you Titan Solar Power.”
– Gus W. 
Glendale, AZ