March 22, 2015

Solar Kits


The path to renewable energy can be quite daunting when first considered.  That’s why we created the solar starter kit!  Starting small allows you to minimize your investment while allowing the flexibility to expand your system in the future with ease.  A starter kit maybe just what you need to break away from the initial fear of a large investment, while still capturing all the federal, state and utility credits/rebates.

What is a solar starter kit and what can it do for me?

A solar starter kit gives you the basic components of what you need to generate electricity from solar energy. Our kits range from 1,680 to 3,000 watts.  This range provides the opportunity for us to work together to create a custom solution that best fits your goals and needs.  At a minimum, the starter kit includes 7 of our powerful Enphase micro inverters, 7 of our 240 watt/250 watt modules, complete aluminum railing system, roof attachments, residential design and engineering package, permit with the applicable city, meter socket, disconnect switch, and whatever else is needed to complete the installation…. We do it all!

The Starter system can easily be expanded by adding as little as one panel at a time!  The anticipated savings from our kit can be as much as $55.00/month. And should you choose to do so, as utility rates rise, your power consumption increases or you are simply “ready” to add more, you can add as many panels as you like.

What about cost?

A typical starter system can be installed by us for as low as $6995 or financed for as low as $30.00/mo; for well qualified buyers.  When purchasing our starter kit, you are eligible for a 30% federal tax credit, Arizona State Tax credit up to $1,000, as well as a local utility rebate.  We also offer any of these components of any size system for your “do-it-yourself” installation.

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Solar Emergency Survival Kit


Make preparations in advance! The time is NOW.

Be prepared is a good motto for more than just the Boy Scouts. Today we depend on electrical power to keep our food cold to preserve it and to heat it up before we eat it. Electricity is needed to keep us connected to other people or to gain vital information. But along with such convenience comes vulnerability. And never before has the risk of a wide spread, extended, electrical power grid shutdown from domestic or foreign causes been more probable. So what will you do when the electrical utility power goes out? Whether all you want is a couple of lights and the ability to charge your phone and use your computer, or you want to continue to refrigerate and cook your food, or even run your air conditioning, Titan Solar can provide a solution.  Titan can couple your solar array with a battery backup system to provide power during a utility outage. Titan can also integrate a diesel or gas generator into the system for additional reliability and greater capacity.  At Titan Solar Power we create custom, hybrid on and off-grid compatible solar assisted energy, systems to meet the stated needs of our customers. As a result our customers have greater piece of mind in an emergency or even during times of civil unrest.  If you would like to be prepared Titan Solar stands ready to assist you.


Titan will design and install an emergency survival system incorporating your Solar Array, Solar Inverter(s), Solar Batteries, Battery Inverter(s), Emergency Load Panel and Transfer Switch to meet your specific needs.

For everything that will be using electricity from your “off-grid” emergency solar power system, we will work with you to estimate the number of hours per day of use as well as the number of watts of power the device consumes. Using this information we will determine the total amount of energy that must be produced and stored. As you can imagine, for an entire house, there are a lot of devices that can be using power at any one time. Therefore, there are a lot of calculations that need to be done to determine the total load. Titan has the experience, capability and if necessary tools, to make the necessary calculations.

If emergency preparedness is a concern for you, we will explore this further when we arrive onsite for a private in home consultation.

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