June 29, 2017


Solar Service Department Services offered

Panel cleaning, bird abonnement, system uninstall and reinstall for roofing repairs. System additions, Troubling shooting on system and monitoring. Sun Damage repairs. Manufacture warranty repairs, system inspections, real estate sales inspections. Performance Verification, consumption monitoring, new monitoring installs, load controller install. Regular maintenance/service contracts, electric car charging installs, basic electrical work.

Wildlife Prevention

Your solar array provides birds with a perfect shade cover to nest under and we all know that bird droppings pose as a potential health hazard. We have noticed a significant decrease in production in systems that have birds nesting under them. The more birds, the more bird droppings.

Our service includes the removal and re-homing of babies under your array. Once the roof is clean, we install a barrier around the edge of the array to prevent any birds nesting under the array in the future. We offer a 5 year warranty on all new bird netting.

What factors are causing your PV System to be underutilized?

Every day of the year solar panels are exposed to the elements. Arizona has unique weather, especially during the summer, when we experience major dust storms and harsh rains during the monsoon season.

Dirty Panel vs. Clean Panel

How can you prevent this loss in production?

Photovoltaic Systems (PV) work best when the solar panel is exposed to as much uninterrupted sun light as possible!

Normal environmental elements such as dust, dirt, shade, bird droppings, and baked on pollen can wreak havoc on your solar panels and their production of solar energy.

Experts agree that without regular cleanings, your PV system could not perform at optimal levels and its estimated a loss of approximately 30% of production. You can increase your PV systems efficiency by having your panels cleaned on a regular basis. You purchased the system to harness the most powerful renewable energy source in the universe, let’s not waste another watt of that FREE energy.