The History of Titan

March 1, 2013


Titan Solar Power Co-founders, David Williamson and Kyle Beddome, acquire the PM&M Electric, Inc. Electrical License and begin doing business as Titan Solar Power.

May 2013


David and Kyle install Titan’s first solar module system.

August 2014


Heather Williamson joins the Titan crew to help run permits from city to city.

March 2015


Titan hires its first four-man installation team.

July 2016


Titan Solar Power opens a Yuma, Arizona office.

May 2017


Titan Solar Power opens a Tucson, Arizona branch.

September 2017


Titan Solar Power Florida, Inc. opens.

November 2017


Titan Solar Power New Mexico, Inc. and Titan Solar Power Nevada, Inc. opens.

April 2018


Titan is honored as AZ’s No. 1 Installer by the Phoenix Business Journal.

June 2018


Solar Power World ranks Titan as the No. 1 Rooftop Solar Contractor.

June 2018


Titan Solar Power Colorado, Inc. opens.

August 2018


Titan is listed on the Inc. 5000’s Fastest Growing Business list.

August 2018


Titan Solar Power Texas, Inc. opens.

Team Titan

At Titan Solar Power, we’ve worked hard to build a supportive, team-based culture that inspires our employees to support both our partners’ and dealers’ short-term and long-term growth. Solar is ever changing, and we are committed to evolving with the industry. We motivate our employees to not only excel within their departments, but to search for new ways to advance within their field.

David, CEO

“Titan is about taking action. Kyle and I began Titan after working for several companies that just did all the wrong things; by both their employees and their customers. If something isn’t working, you have to try something else. So we learned from our mistakes and didn’t let them prevent us from doing something. Titan is not about business suits or board room meetings. Instead, we think in terms of the business outcome we want to achieve, and then figure out how as a team we are going to get there. Titan is about motivating our employees to become leaders. We drive them to strive for higher performance, both inside and outside of the office. Whether it’s a personal goal or a department goal, Kyle, Heather, and I want to ensure that every member of my Titan family is empowered to get results.”

Heather, COO

“I grew up in my father’s electrical contracting office witnessing him generously share his success with both his employees as well as charitable outreach efforts. This family based, philanthropic culture was engrained in me as a key measurable objective of what is a truly profitable company. I regard our employees as my family and I am invested in them outside of their 9 to 5 at Titan. I feel like I have made my dad proud with the business my husband and I have built together. That pride goes beyond just providing our employees with a great place to work that offers in-office wellness services such a massage, weekly meals, yoga, and gym memberships. It’s showing them our Christian faith lived out by not just donating funds to charities close to our heart, but actually getting involved. My greatest memories at Titan will include the fun we have serving others together. These are things that money can’t buy and a lifetime accomplishment.”

Kyle, CFO

“Since it’s inception, Titan Solar Power’s leadership team believed in serving the community and putting customers first. This meant honoring commitments, responding timely, respecting others, and learning from mistakes. We strive to do what is right, not what is easy. The company maintains its foundation with strong Christian values, morals, and ethics. We are grateful to be a part of such an amazing industry and to have been blessed to work with so many others that support us in what we do.”